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SHREDLY MTB Retreat Packing List

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1. A Well-Tuned Mountain Bike

Please make certain your bike is in good mechanical condition. If you aren’t sure, we recommend having it tuned by your favorite bike shop/mechanic. There are also high-quality demo bikes available for rent in all of our locations.

Note: If renting a bike and you use clipless pedals (meaning you ride clipped in), please bring your pedals and shoes.

At this time we can only accommodate electric mountain bikes in our private offerings.


2. Pedals

Please bring pedals that you are comfortable on. If you usually use flat pedals, bring flat pedals. If you usually use clipless pedals, bring clipless pedals.
If you usually use clipless pedals but feel unsure about learning new skills while you are clipped into your pedals, or catch yourself unclipping before trying a feature, we recommend you bring a pair of flat pedals (these are not clipless pedals with a platform, they are made specifically for use with flat-soled shoes).

In most cases flat pedals will make it safer to learn and practice during the skills sessions, but if you are a confident clipped-in rider, stick to those. 
You can also consider doing the skills sessions on flat pedals and switching to clipless pedals when going on trail.


3. Shoes that are compatible with your pedals

Clipless pedals require shoes with cleats. Flat pedals require flat shoes without cleats. If you are using flat pedals, we recommend MTB-specific flat pedal shoes, or flat-soled shoes, like Vans Skate shoes. Shoes with lots of traction/tread (eg. hiking shoes) and lots of cushioning are not suggested.

If you have questions about this please, contact us before the retreat. It’s very important that your pedals and shoes work together when you arrive at the retreat.


4. Helmet
No lid, no ride! Please make sure to bring a helmet. Half-shell helmets are fine. Full face helmets are not mandatory, but you are more than welcome to use one if you prefer it.


5. Hydration Pack
You will want plenty of water. Please come with a hydration pack or backpack filled and ready to consume. Bringing a water bottle with an electrolyte drink mix can also be nice.

We will also have extra electrolytes and snacks available for you.


6. Appropriate Clothing

Our area is fortunate to receive all kinds of weather! From wet and cold to very hot and very dry. Because of this we ask our attendees to be packed and prepared for any weather. So please pack your rain jacket even if it doesn’t look like rain!


7. Riding Gloves 

We ask everyone to arrive with bike gloves.


8. Body Armor / Knee & Elbow Pads

Body armor (knee and elbow pads) are optional but can be nice for protection and confidence building. We will have some demo armor available on a first come, first serve basis. Armor may also be available for rent from some of the bike shops in town. 


9. Fix a Flat Tools & Basic Bike Tools

Spare Tube. Please bring a spare tube that fits your bike’s tire size. Flats are common in the desert. Don’t worry if you’ve never changed a flat – we’ll teach you if it happens.

Bike Tools. Our instructors carry tools for minor trailside repairs, but we strongly recommend that you own and bring your own trailside repair kit. At a minimum, this kit should include a pump, tire levers, and a multi-tool. These items will come with a rental bike. Let us know if you’d like help with suggestions on what else to include in your kit!


10. Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Your eyes and skin will thank you!

11. Dropper Post / Adjustable Seat Post 

Though not required, we do recommend a dropper post for increased safety, progression and fun!


12. Gratuity

Tipping your coach is not mandatory but always greatly appreciated!


13. Bring Your Stoke
Because we are about to have a heck of a time on the trail! It’s going to be awesome.

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