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#SHREDulita Part 3

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As we mentioned in #SHREDulita Part 2 – you might not expect a popular surf area to be our top choice for a mountain bike trip – but tease a mountain bike trip that includes beautiful beaches? Say no more! Combining our beachside riding with other things like surfing, yoga, and an amazing farmers market sounded like a dream come true and provided the perfect opportunity to put our new shorts, leggings, and tanks to the test.

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Want mountain biking to feel easier? Try surfing! Barreling down a trail on a bike is incredibly different than barreling down a wave. Even a baby wave. Good luck catching either! We could do nothing but laugh at ourselves (and try not to drown) while we partook in surf sessions – which felt more like competing for most painful elimination of the day. None-the-less, it was a ton of fun and something totally different to do in our SHREDLY gear to really test it’s multi-sport capabilities! Plus it was a good reminder that learning a new sport takes determination and humility. And trying something that you’re not good at every once in a while is good for you. Thanks again to our friends at WildMex for all the help catching those waves!

What does the Dr. order after a few days of surfing and mountain biking? Yoga. And yoga on a secluded beach, under the shade of the palms, with the waves crashing behind us was idyllic to say the least. Mixing activities into our trip that weren’t all mountain biking related allowed us to experience even more of Sayulita and take in its beauty through different lenses.

We wondered around the colorful streets of Sayulita, found artisan trinkets to take home at the farmer’s market, tested all the fruit popsicles we could find along the way, ate tacos on almost every corner and could just not get enough of this charming little beach town and all it had to offer.

Watch the #SHREDulita Video

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