Our women’s MTB and multi-sport collection was put to the test in Mexico, where we enjoyed dreamy rides that started from the cobblestone streets of town, up into the hills overlooking the ocean, and finished on the sun-drenched beach. We got pummeled by waves and gave surfing our best shot, decompressed with yoga on the beach, and savored all the amazing international cuisine the little town of Sayulita had to offer. Not to be forgotten was a side trip up to the magical pueblo of San Sebastián del Oeste. The 400-year old mining town, tucked deep into the Sierra Madres, featured some rowdy, chunky riding served up by our local guide who missed an afternoon of school (with mom’s permission) to show us the trails. Our #shredlyadventures south of the boarder did not disappoint! Come explore #SHREDulita with us…

“With mountain biking, surfing, and yoga, Sayulita was the perfect place to have an amazing time with friends.”


“We arrived as mixed group of  friends of friends, and left one big group of GREAT friends.”

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