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SHREDLY Adventures: Debby Goes to Italy

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In June 2023, I traveled to the Italian Dolomites, in the Val di Fassa region, to mountain bike. I went with H&I Adventures which is a company from Scotland. This was my 5th mtb trip with them. 

The riding days were long but mostly lift-served on the uphills. The natural trails were steep, rocky, and gravelly, with lots of loose baby head rubble. It was hard but fun! We also rode in bike parks with steep bermed corners, one after the other, which made them feel endless. They came fast and furious and my vision had to be spot on to ride them properly. 


The highlight of the trip was riding the Sellaronda route around a huge mountain. There was climbing on those days but also lift rides. It took two days to ride the route and we spent the night in one of the oldest Refugio of Italy. 

I wore my SHREDLY Limitless Shorts with the stretch waistband and was super comfortable all of the 6-8 hour riding days. I received many compliments on my shorts. They are popular in Europe but hard to come by. Let’s help our Euro friends by stuffing our suitcases with SHREDLY shorts and gear and bringing them over the pond. Who’s in?


The whole adventure was well-planned and fun. Thanks to SHREDLY for the comfortable shorts and H&I for an epic adventure!


- Debby, SHREDLY Crew Member



About Debby

Debby started mountain biking at age 37 in 1985. Before that, she was a road biker. She learned to ride a bike when she was a kid and was in charge of the new bicycle safety program at CU/Boulder from 1974 to 1978. 


Mountain biking came to Debby in a roundabout while in Crested Butte, CO, and while she resisted it at first, she soon purchased her $350 Chrome Diamondback Ascent. From there she never looked back.


"Mountain biking is my passion and I have been mountain biking all over the world and USA. When we started, we rode by the seat of our pants. There were no clinics or coaches. We just rode our fully rigid bikes on moto trails and cattle trails. Better, more experienced riders told a few gems about riding. 'Ride with more momentum! Look where you want to go. Have fun and there is no shame in walking.' I truly love how the sport has evolved."


In the fall of 2013, Debby had a bad crash, injuring parts of her neck. It healed, and in 2014, she went on a ride in Gunnison that had coaching. I was told ‘Your handlebars are too short and your stem is too long’. She was devastated because she loved her Moots YBB. She had ridden it for 12 years. 


Debby then bought a full-suspension bike with 29’’ wheels but was afraid to ride it. The VIDA MTB Series held a skills clinic at Crested Butte Resort. She took the clinic and it changed her whole riding life. From then on she loved to learn, take clinics, and progress her mountain biking skills. She takes at least a clinic or two every year. 


Two years ago, Dibby became a certified level 1 coach through BICP & PMBIA. She coached for the VIDA MTB Series and is now an assistant coach for Ride Like a Ninja.


"Before being a coach for VIDA, I was an ambassador for them. I met Ashley, the founder and owner of SHREDLY, at a VIDA clinic. She is a good mentor and cheerleader to me. I was honored to be asked to be a SHREDLY Crew member."


"At age 75 and with 38 years of riding mountain bikes, I am fortunate to still love the rush I get from riding technical singletrack. I love getting some air and riding big bermed corners. I love learning, practicing, coaching, and riding in new places here and abroad. I have to admit though, I am a sloth when riding uphill. But hey, I am still riding and enjoying it!"


Debby's words of wisdom: “Take a clinic and practice your skills. Enjoy.”


Debby Phelps, AKA Zelda Tibbens on FB, @Bearart1 on IG

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