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Trail to Street Style: 5 Ways to Dress Up Your Active Clothing

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The last couple of years in fashion saw comfort over extravagance. It’s not surprising that most of us have turned to flexible, classic, yet chic sportswear. In fact, Grand View Research reports growth in the athleisure market, estimating it to reach $662 billion by 2030. These ensembles combine comfort and street style, creating some of the most popular and timely fashion-forward looks.

Athleisure clothing is all about looking sharp and trendy, but it’s sometimes a struggle to not look overly sporty and match our active clothes with everyday wear. The great news is you don’t need to break the bank just to upgrade your athletic ‘fits. Here are five tips to help you elevate your activewear:

1. Wear neutral colors

When in doubt, sticking to black and neutral tones are the best for simplicity and elegance. These colors can help you pull off a minimalist look, which you can add to or change over time. Once you’re more confident in what you wear, you can spice things up by opting to pair a neutral top with a patterned bottom instead. Our baggy SHREDLY shorts not only feel comfortable on your body, but their unique patterns are great for self-expression and telling the world about who you are.

2. Mix function and fashion

Respin’s style director Lindsay Flores says functionality doesn’t have to be sacrificed for more stylish choices. Athleisure can go easily with your regular wardrobe by blending pieces together. You can use your sports bra as a crop top and match it with jeans or pair up your favorite sweater with leggings to create a balanced look. Even with a limited closet, you can still be effortlessly sleek and chic.

3. Accessorize accordingly

Adding accessories can lend a personal touch to your outfit. In an article by Tina Li on accessorizing plain outfits, the writer mentions how hair accessories and hats are often neglected compared to handbags and shoes. However, these are immensely versatile day-to-day accessories with plenty of options to suit your style, too. Using a patterned accessory like our Soft Scrunch can give a pop to your overall look. As a bonus, these Soft Scrunches are made with leftover ecoFAB material, which provides great breathability for all-day use. Hats can also add a layer of dimension to your outfit while boosting sun protection, so they serve a skincare purpose as well.

4. Layer your pieces

There are many opportunities where you can transition your exercise clothes into loungewear or even work-appropriate styles by layering them with other pieces. Case in point, our medium green Cadence Tank can go along perfectly with a light-colored jacket so it works as a semi-formal top. Adding sweatshirts on top of sports bras can also be a good way to show off your laidback side. These layered elements can easily elevate your look without needing any drastic changes.

5. Don’t forget your kicks

Once you’ve got your outfit down, don’t ruin your amazing fashion with boring shoes. This doesn't mean that you need statement shoes. Instead, you can make sure that your footwear is clean to keep you looking fresh and cool. Athleisure isn't limited to running shoes either — you’re more than welcome to use sneakers, ballet flats, or combat boots. The key is to wear colors that work against the outfit; for example, strikingly-colored clothes should be partnered with neutral or monochrome shoes.

When it comes to the athleisure trend, comfort and style should go hand in hand. We hope these tips can help spark your creativity so you can wear your mountain bike clothes in other casual moments. Not only will you feel great in athleisure, but most pieces are also flexible enough to use when dressing to impress.


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