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Why Do Mountain Bikers Wear Baggy Shorts?

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So what’s the thing with wearing baggy shorts over liner shorts when mountain biking? You don’t have to wear baggies, it’s 100% ok to wear a pair of spandex shorts on their own if that's your preference. In certain settings, however, baggy shorts provide a handful of benefits. 


The keyword here is coverage! Baggy mountain bike shorts are another layer and barrier to protect us out in the wild. If we take a tumble, these shorts are made of more substantial material and are more likely to protect us from a nasty abrasion. These shorts are also an extra layer of protection when you ride too close to a tree branch or bush, or for those in the desert, a cactus. 

Reduce Friction

An extra layer of fabric between your inner thighs and the saddle also reduces friction and eliminates chafing when worn with a properly fitting liner short like one of our chamois. Your liner will stay put on your skin while the baggy shorts glide between you and the saddle, so you don’t get rubbed the wrong way. 

Sun Protection

Baggy mountain bike shorts will often cover more of your legs protecting you from sunburn and the risk of skin cancer. Some spandex shorts are also thin and you can actually get sunburnt through the material. Baggy shorts provide more sun protection, especially in a longer length like our 14" shorts

The Dreaded Gap 

Wearing baggies can also prevent the dreaded gap between a mountain biker’s knee pads and shorts. Covering that gap can protect you from abrasion during a fall and an unfortunate little slice of sunburn. Check out our longer inseam-length shorts if you want full coverage. Of course, gapping is also okay too. Put on a little extra sunscreen right there on the top of your thigh so you don’t burn.

Comfort and Versatility

Baggy shorts are just downright comfortable AND you can also wear them hiking, rock climbing, doing yard work (one SHREDLY Ambassador loves to blow leaves in her baggy shorts), paddle boarding, dogs walks, etc. What other sports and activities do you wear your SHREDLY baggy shorts for? 


Self-expression is powerful and feels good! Baggy shorts can be a way to tell the world a little about yourself with colors and patterns. Luckily, you have tons of choices with SHREDLY from understated black Noir to a magical unicorn forest in Tina. We can’t wait to see how you express yourself.

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