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Thank You

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Thank you to everyone who was able to tune in to our Live Trailer Trunk show.

We had so much fun hearing from you in real time and we value your input SO MUCH. This might have been our first Live chat, but it will not be our last! If you missed it, you can still catch some of the conversation, check out the answers to our most-asked questions below for the condensed version.

But that neck gaiter?!

Yes, Stephanie was rocking an amazing SHREDLY-printed-limited-edition TINA neck gaiter. What a tease. We sadly don't have these available for sale just yet. But if you want one let us know and we just might make 'em!

Are you restocking the dinos and unicorns?

We have restocks planned in the MTB SHORT, the MTB LONG, and the MTB CURVY in 6-12 of your favorite colorways (and yes that includes the dinos and unicorns). But all of our production is on hold. So when we are able to resume will determine what we actually end up restocking and in what order.

What is the future of the MULTISPORT SHORT?

Our original MULTISPORT SHORT as you knew it is being phased out and replaced by the new MULTISPORT SHORTIE. But don't be sad! The SHORTIE is updated with a foldable hem and a zip pocket, but is otherwise the same all-purpose, short you know and love.

Tell us about your Chamois sizing...

Both the YOGACHAM and LACECHAM are a compression fit if worn true-to-size. The YOGACHAM falls mid-thigh and has a more substantial pad. Most women buy the same size they do in our shorts. The LACECHAM is shorter (think hot short) with a thinner pad. We mostly prefer to wear these one size bigger than our short size.

How does the fit/sizing/fabric of the new RAGLAN 3/4 compare to the HONEYCOMB 3/4?

The new RAGLAN 3/4 is more relaxed (looser) through the arms and shoulders than the HONEYCOMB 3/4, and slightly trimmer through the waist. We think it runs true to size, with plenty of room for your honed guns and elbow pads. The RAGLAN 3/4 is made from our proprietary 100% recycled ecoFAB fabric, the same used in our RACER and BIKER tanks. It's slightly lighter and more airy, and not as body hugging as the HONEYCOMB fabric.

What shorts fit best with knee pads?

Any of our MTB shorts can accommodate low profile knee pads, but the LONG version works best to prevent gaps between the shorts and pads. All of our LONG shorts are 3" longer than our other shorts.

When can we get our hands on the CURVY LONG already?

Didn't know this style was coming, surprise, we announced it last night! This short will be three inches longer than our current MTB CURVY SHORT. Our production has slowed due to current shutdowns, but we're really, really hoping to have CURVY LONG available in about two weeks. 🤞

How do we get SHREDLY in Canada?

There are a few ways to get your SHREDLY fix above the 49th parallel. We offer international shipping through our website at the lowest rates we can find. You can also contact any of our Canadian dealers (even if they're not in your local town) and they would love ship to you domestically. We are also happy to provide a bulk rate if you and a few friends want to pool together a larger order. Please contact us for more information.

What products are getting phased out or discontinued?

We're phasing out the HONEYCOMB tops as we move towards a higher percentage of recycled content fabric for all products. The TECH TEE, ALL-IN-ONE, and CARGO short sleeves are being discontinued and will not be restocked. The original MULTISPORT SHORT is being replaced by the new MULTISPORT SHORTIE.

Is the ATHLETIC short-short coming back?

Yes. We're tweaking the cut slightly to deal with some fit issues we weren't 100% happy with in the first iteration, but these all-arounders will be back. Tell use what prints or solids you want to see the ATHLETIC SHORT in next (old and new prints welcome). And yes, we know a lot of you want this short to come with a liner!

Can I wear the MTB CURVY as a maternity or post-partum short?

Although this was not our intended market for the MTB CURVY, we've been there and done that. First and second trimester - no problem, if you can get them on after 30 weeks we want to see pics! We found the waistband extremely post-partum friendly.

Does SHREDLY have an ambassador program?

We're in the process of revamping our ambassador program. We'll let you all know how to get involved when we're ready to launch it. Please email all participation requests to:

Can men wear SHREDLY?

Yes! In fact, a real man wears SHREDLY proudly. Hehe. Is there something we missed?

If we missed your question please check out our FAQs page, or send us a note. We also have more information on fit, sizing and a shorts style guide. Also - please support your local SHREDLY dealers too! Many are closed, so reach out first.

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