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Black Lives Matter

SVG Article Bottom Torn Edge
Starting on #BlackOutTuesday we paused all of our social advertising, and muted all posts for a week. We listened. We processed. We observed. And listened some more. 

Last week, even though the bike posts resumed, and we launched new products, behind the scenes we were asking ourselves, what are we going to DO? It’s easy to wonder, what can we really DO as a small company of only 2.5 full time people, positioned in a niche corner of a very specific market that admittedly lacks diversity and where the fight for “equality” has been centered around women’s treatment in the sport?

The answer we’ve arrived at, confidently, is that that everyone has to do the work. No company is too small and no individual is excused from doing their part.

So to start, here is what we are going to do:
  • Donate once a month to an organization in support of Black Lives Matter, starting with the @aclu this month - we’ll announce future recipients on Instagram each month
  • #AmplifyMelanatedVoices as part of our ongoing social strategy and broader commitment to foster inclusion (body, race, gender, orientation, etc.)
  • Partner with a BIPOC artist to collaborate on future collections and donate a portion of proceeds to a meaningful cause in support of Black Lives Matter 
  • Continue our support of organizations like Camber Outdoors, The Cycle Effect and align ourselves with other partners that directly support minority youth, in other words: INVEST IN FUTURE GENERATIONS
  • Keep the conversation going – engage in meaningful conversation with our community in an effort to invoke action
 This list is not exhaustive nor is it indicative of the maximum that we will do. This work is ongoing, participation is not temporary. We open our arms to everyone to join our beloved community. And, know, that even if you aren’t personally part of it, we will still fight for your equal rights. Human rights = Black Lives Matter.


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