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A Note From Our Founder

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I had an experience earlier this year that has stuck with me and I would like to share it with all of you. I was looking at photos from our first photoshoots of the year, always an exciting time to see the new collection come to life and set free out into the world. It was admittedly one of our first shoots where we had found a group of women that more accurately and diversely represented our sport than what you’re used to seeing in our marketing (more on that below).

I had so many emotions swirling around while looking at the beautiful photos, but the most present was that I felt a strong sense of missing something. Not something missing from what I was looking at, but all the time that had passed without seeing what was in front of me. I had never realized how this type of visual diversity missing from the brand left a gaping hole. A brand that had wholeheartedly been built on representing the underrepresented female rider suddenly felt so much more real, so much more authentic, so much more reflective of how I want the brand to be seen.

We never intentionally excluded anyone, but we didn’t intentionally include everyone. And that was the disconnect. We’re still growing up and the days of gathering friends of friends to go ride for our low-or-no-budget photoshoots no longer serve us. 

We have been so women’s-centric for so long that our focus now needs to be on all the women who make up the collective “woman.” Body inclusion is at the core of our being, yet it’s been so product focused it hasn’t been represented well in our visual marketing. And body inclusion is one in the same across shape, size, and skin tone. We recognize the need for a change in visual representation was long overdue, across all industries, and especially mountain bike - we are not excluded from that. It will remain incredibly important to us as we move forward with intention. With that being said it is our goal that diversity and inclusion is normalized. Not the topic of conversation but the standard - as it is the most authentic version of ourselves that we can be. 

The opportunity to give new faces space on our platforms has been refreshing and from it new friendships have formed and new voices are part of our story. And we look forward to more of that going forward.

Thank you all for your love and support. Happy riding!



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