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11 Inspiring Women Mountain Bikers To Follow On Instagram

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While it’s pretty easy to stay inspired as a mountain biker with all the great singletrack around, new gear to test out, fun SHREDLY prints to show off, and skills to be honed sometimes it’s nice to have a little bit of inspiration to remind us of why we love to ride.

Below is a roundup of 11 inspiring women mountain bikers to follow on Instagram. Some are professional riders that you’ve probably heard of (ahem Rachel Atherton) and others have an inspiring story to tell and awesome feed to show it.

These ladies are the real deal and their IG accounts are peppered with photos and stories that remind me of why this sport is so awesome. Go check them out!

Rachel Atherton


Rachel Atherton is perhaps the most well-known name in the female mountain biking world. Hailing from Wales, she comes from a family of incredible riders. One brother still races professionally (Gee Atherton) and the other is a retired pro racer. Together, they have built an empire that includes Atherton Bikes, a race team, and dozens of medals between them all. To date, Rachel has won four world cup downhill cups and plenty more gold, silver, and bronze medals throughout her career. In her Instagram feed, you can get a glimpse into the world of a professional downhill racer and one that does it well. Very well.

Brooklyn Bell


Brooklyn Bell is an artist and mountain bike enthusiast living in Western Washington. When she’s not creating incredible illustrations inspired by friends and the great outdoors, she can be found shredding trails at Galbraith Mountain. Her Instagram feed is full of color, awesome art, and female mountain bike inspiration. Check her out!  

Lindsey Runk


In 2014, Lindsey Runkle’s life was changed forever. After a bad mountain bike crash left her paralyzed from the waist down, she had to rethink riding and relearn what it meant to be a mountain biker. But after months and years of rehab and countless pivots - all with an incredibly positive attitude - Lindsey is killing it on her handcycle and adapted downhill bike. Follow her journey of ups and downs and 100% real talk. It’s more than inspiring.  

Casey Brown


The first time I heard about Casey Brown was when I watched her and Cam McCaul launch themselves off of Corbet’s Couloir in Jackson Hole (watch the video here). I saw the blond ponytail streaming behind her as she stuck the landing and raced - pretty much out of control - down the slope before ending in a spectacular crash. I was smitten ever since. Casey Brown is a badass and arguably one of the most talented female riders in the mountain biking scene. She started as a downhill racer, but now is committed to freestyle (among other things) and she’s aiming to level the playing field by becoming the first woman to compete in Red Bull’s Rampage. Hats off to Casey Brown.  

Brooke Anderson


This 14-year-old shredder from Portland, Oregon is making a big splash in the female mountain bike scene. She’s already competed in (and stomped) the legendary Crankworx competition and she has her sights set on becoming the Queen of Crankworx someday, a status that requires international travel and a whole lot of skill. Brooke’s Instagram feed is full of pics of her sending huge jumps, rocking pump tracks, and having fun with friends out on the trail. You know, normal 14-year-old girl stuff.

Tahnée Seagrave


Tahnée Seagrave is hot on Rachel Atherton’s heels. She’s also from Wales and a professional downhill racer vying for world cup wins. Tahnée is quite active on Instagram and YouTube, making her a fun athlete to follow in the women’s mountain bike world. She shows all aspects of her life including crashes, rehab, and what she’s eating for breakfast. Oh, and also those massive jumps she sends.

Isabeau Courdurier


Standing tall at 5’0, Isabeau Courdurier is the reigning Enduro World Series Champion, so obviously height is just a number. She is a beast on a bike, no doubt about it. Her Instagram feed is a mix of fun pics and badass money shots that showcase her versatility and strength on and off the bike. Her secret weapon? Animal print apparel.

Jill Kintner


Jill Kintner has done it all and done it all very well. She’s an accomplished female athlete in downhill racing, BMX courses, and enduro riding (among other cycling disciplines) and she is no stranger to the podium, including a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics in BMX. She’s also a super rad artist. Her Instagram feed is full of fun artwork, rad mountain bike pics, and a pretty awesome mountain bike van build-out. You can also check out some of her artwork here.

Micayla Gatto


A former professional downhill racer, Micayla Gatto has transitioned away from the racing scene over the past few years and has developed her own unique and creative place in the mountain biking world. A talented artist in several realms (watch her award-winning video spoof Ferda Girls!), Micayla’s Instagram feed showcases rad mountain bike destinations and plenty of shenanigans on and off the bike.

Veronique Sandler


Veronique is all about getting air and having fun. She started her career as a downhill racer but was consistently placing between 10-15th, which wasn’t appealing to sponsors. So she stopped racing and focused on just having fun. Ironically, her ‘having fun’ led to viral videos and a massive Instagram following, which caught the attention of the sponsors that looked the other way during her racing career. Today, Veronique spends her day’s building jumps, making videos, and having fun.

Kate Weatherly


Kate Weatherly, a Kiwi from New Zealand, is making waves. She was a top contender in the 2019 UCI World Cup downhill season until a gnarly crash and broken spine ousted her from the competition. As a transgender athlete, Kate has endured many highs and lows. She frequently hears from critics and haters who contest her place in the pro women’s mountain bike community despite adhering to all the rules and regulations for transgender athletes. But that doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves. Kate is back in action and racing on her home turf in New Zealand. Check her out on Instagram and give Kate some support!  

Who is your favorite female mountain biker to follow on Instagram?

Becky is a Vermont transplant living in the Eastern Sierra of California. In a different life, she worked as a massage therapist aboard a fleet of National Geographic cruise ships, but now she writes the bike adventure blog Two Wheeled Wanderer. While Becky can usually be found on her mountain bike, she will never say no to a two-wheeled adventure. Her favorite SHREDLY shorts are the LAYLA.

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