Size and Fit

*Please check the product page for available sizes in each style

Not sure which style of shorts is for you? Watch this handy video to see the differences in fit, features, and length to determine which is the best fit for you. Also check out our handy Style Guide here to compare these differences  these differences.

Does SHREDLY fit true to size?

Good question. This is tricky now-a-days with so many companies using their own “sizing.” So the short answer is YES! We find that most commonly, women are the same size in SHREDLY that they are in their favorite jeans, pants, dresses, shorts, etc. However, many women mention that their sizing is all over the board depending on the brand and there are different ways sizing is labeled, for example XXS, 0, and 25, all mean the same thing. While we use traditionally “true sizes” we have provided some extra information to help direct you to the correct size in SHREDLY. Please note that all women are different shapes, sizes, and proportions so while your measurements may be spot on (or corresponding with different sizes) this is not a guarantee that the products will fit you and your body shape perfectly. Return or exchange shipping costs are the customers responsibility, and as a small company we appreciate your understanding of this policy. If you have questions before you order please don’t hesitate to ask. A lot of women who are unsure decide to order two sizes, keep the one that fits them best and return the one that doesn’t. This saves on shipping back and forth and is very economical as it only adds about $6.50 to domestic orders using USPS.


How should I best determine my size if I don’t already know what I usually wear or if I am a different size depending on the brand?

The most important measurements to compare are the Low Waist and the Low Hip as the shorts are designed to fit low on the hips. It’s important to know how to properly measure your body and understand where your Natural Waist, Low Waist and Low Hip are actually located!

Also please note that the Natural Waist is included solely for the purpose of comparison but does not indicate that the shorts are intended or optionally worn at the Waist (which is where high-waisted jeans were worn in in the 60’s that are making a comeback). Additionally, if your Waist measurement is 25″ you will be a size 0 but that does not indicate that the waistband of the shorts is 25″, these are two entirely separate things. Using your Waist measurement to recommend a size does not in any way indicate any measurement on the actual shorts. However – it is a good reference as it correlates to jeans that are sized using 25, 26, 27, 28 and etc. For example a size 25 jean indicates that your waist is likely a size 25. You will notice in the size chart above that a 25″ waist measurement falls under the size 0, indicating that if you are a size 25 in jeans you will likely be a size 0 in SHREDLY. Again this is based on traditional sizing and entirely depends on your individual body shape (you could still have a size 25 waist but wear a size 2 or 4 (26 or 27 in jeans)! If you know your size in jeans that measurement can be used to compare to the Waist measurement above and will likely lead you to the correct size.

As we all know, women come in all shapes and sizes so our size chart and measurements are a general rule of thumb and in no way guarantee that your body shape will not alter what size is best for you. Exchange or return shipping costs are the sole responsibility of you, the customer, and we cannot refund or cover shipping costs for size exchanges or returns. If you still have questions let us know through the Contact Page and we’d be happy to help!

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