• SHREDLY + SheJumps


SheJumps is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities. They achieve this by creating safe, educational outdoor experiences that nurture growth and transformation for their participants.

Partnering with SheJumps is a dream come true for SHREDLY as we believe that positive change in the mtb and outdoor industry will come from investing in the next generation and making the outdoors accessible to all.

Since SheJumps embodies this spirit, we’re more than thrilled to help them further their mission by donating 20% of all profits from the SHREDLY + SheJumps Collection directly to SheJumps.

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Now, about that amazing creature you see in this collection...meet: the Girafficorn! Half giraffe, half unicorn - all magic. The Girafficorn exists to remind the child in all of us to play outside. With feet on the ground and eyes focused where she wants to go, the Giraffcorn stands as a reminder to keep the spirit of play and possibility alive when taking the jump toward our greatest potential.

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