As a brand that was born on Kickstarter, we've always known how lucky we are to have amazing customers and fans that helped form what SHREDLY is today. They know our story because they were part of. They know what is important to us because they shared our vision of creating the best fitting and most beautiful women's mountain bike and outdoor apparel. They know what drives us because their ideas have helped steer the direction of our ship and the addition of new products over time. Many on this journey have done a lot of growing up with us over the years. The outdoor and mountain biking industries have grown up a lot during this time as well. As newcomers are welcomed to the sport, we want to make sure who we are and what we stand for is communicated to our growing cycling community. 





As we discussed this internally, we spent a lot of time talking about two things. The first being the need to accurately and inclusively portray the cycling community in our visual storytelling - a change that was long overdue. You can read more about that here. The other topic we spent a lot of time talking about was our tagline, our three-word declaration to the world: Adventure In Style. We wondered, have we outgrown this? Does it accurately portray who we are? Does it say enough about the things that are important to us beyond aesthetics - like our goals for sustainability and inclusion? What we realized was that our tagline has a deeper meaning to us than one might gather upon first read. It's not just about adventuring IN style but adventuring WITH style. For us, this revelation connected so many dots and quickly took us back to our roots.





SHREDLY was the first women's only mountain bike apparel brand. Giving women stylish and technical riding apparel in more colors and sizes was what drove us and set us apart from the limited offerings at the time. How much has changed in the past decade! While we are still giddy for patterns and color combos that just make the heart sing, this idea of "style" has evolved just as our brand has, just as the industry has.




To us, adventuring WITH style is someone who sees a new face at a group ride or race and makes them feel welcome. It’s someone who stops on the trail to pick up a piece of trash. It's someone who spreads kindness. It's someone who repairs their gear in the spirit of environmental stewardship. It’s someone who leads in a way that inspires others to follow. Adventuring with style is more than a tagline - it’s a way of life. 





We will always be grounded by the emotions of women who finally find gear that fits, are delighted by the fun, colorful options across a broad size range, and feel more confident just standing in their living rooms. But it is empowering to know that we can build on our roots and expand on this idea of what it means to adventure WITH style. This is a way of life that we strive to share with all of you - while, of course, wearing really awesome gear.






*Our use of woman includes but is not limited to anyone who identifies as a woman, femme, transgender, two-spirit, or gender non-conforming person. 



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