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Artist Spotlight: Meet Margie

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MARGIE Artist, Margaret Gribbell McLain


Many of our fans comment that our shorts feel like wearing art and we’re here to say - yes, that is 100% on purpose. We often work with artists to create our short patterns and we love to share the artist’s story and inspiration. 

The new MARGIE short is a perfect example of a collaborative artistic vision coming to life. SHREDLY Owner and Founder, Ashley Rankin was looking over a map one day and noticed that topographic lines looked like flowers. And the seeds for the MARGIE short were planted (we can’t resist a good pun). 

“Mountains are near and dear to all of us here at SHREDLY,” shared Ashley. “And I loved this idea of those mountains representing another natural form of beauty- flowers.”


Ashley reached out to artist and friend Margaret Gribbell McLain, hence the MARGIE, and explained her vision. A topographic and flower representation of peaks that were especially important to the SHREDLY story. The peaks represented include: 

  • Mt. Sopris or Wemagooah Kazuhchich (ancient mountain heart sits there) - located near where Ashley grew up in Carbondale, Colo. and on the native lands of the Ute. Mt. Sopris sits at the northern entrance of the narrow Roaring Fork Valley and was revered by the Ute. 

SHREDLY Founder & Owner, Ashley Rankin with Mount Sopris.


  • Mt. Rainer or Takhoma (mother of waters) - “THE” Seattle mountain close to where Ashely lives now and seen from miles. Known to the Payallup at Takhoma, Tacoma or Tahoma there is actually a move to give the mountain back its original name. 
  • Mt. Hood or Wy'east - A favorite riding and skiing destination of the SHREDLY crew. Named by the Multnomah, Wy’east was one of the sons of Sahalie who quarreled with his brother Pahto (Mt. Adams). There is a fabulous story about native name origins here
  • Grand Teton Range - Located in Wyoming, the Grand Tetons have been home base for a number of SHREDLY team adventures in every season.
  • Marmolada - Located in Italian Dolomites, SHREDLY staff have ridden road bikes until they could hardly stand near this peak. 
  • Mt Cook or Aoraki - Located in New Zealand, Ashley traveled here on a Yeti Gathering excursion in 2018. She had a fabulous time and can’t wait to return. 
  • And others… 

Each flower/topographic map on the MARGIE short has the name of the mountain inscribed into the pattern.

Close up of fabric on SHREDLY Margie Print

We chatted with Margaret to get more details on her process as an artist and what inspires her translation of Ashely’s vision. 

What was the inspiration for MARGIE?
The inspiration really came from speaking with Ashley, and hearing about her vision of mountains as flowers. I had a lot of fun drawing the peaks and then warping them into flowers.

What is your preferred medium?
Hardest question! I love pen and ink, but I’ve been doing a lot more in watercolor and acrylic lately. 

What drives your art?
I can’t say I have a reason, but it’s just something I’ve always done. I have so many boxes of drawings and portfolios of paintings from when I was little. I’m lucky my parents humored me by saving all of them. I guess when I don’t create, I feel stuck.

Describe your creative process?
Usually, I envision what I want to create and move towards it. There are happy accidents along the way or sometimes a project isn’t up to snuff and I just keep moving. I’ll either recreate, redo or re-envision if I’m still excited by the concept.

How has your creative practice changed over time?
I know now that I can’t overthink it. That would often paralyze me from starting or finishing a project. I just need to jump in.

What part of the creative process do you most enjoy doing?
All of it. From the kernel of inspiration to the flow that comes with working on the project to the final product.

What/who inspires you?
Currently, and appropriately, places that I travel to and flowers are some of my biggest inspiration. I love nothing more than painting outside. I often pause for photos while I’m biking/hiking/running of vistas or flowers.

Favorite hiking/biking/outdoor spot?
I love to go to Smuggler/Hunter Creek Trail in Aspen, Colorado and/or the coast of Camden/Rockport, Maine. 

Margaret lives in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, where Ashley grew up hence the connection. See more of Margaret’s art on her website - or give her a follow on Instagram at @mrgrmc.

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