Philippa Seldon

Philippa Seldon

Fyshwick, Canberra, Australia

Growing up with two older brothers and a street full of boys meant my childhood was spent outdoors riding bikes and making the most of every dirt related activity a kid could think of.  It wasn’t long though before I discovered horses, so I parked my bike for about 20 years whilst I competed in numerous disciplines throughout Australia up to National level. It was a new road bike for my 30th birthday that sparked something again and my horse was sold and replaced by what is now a garage full of bikes!

Not one to sit still for too long, I’ve managed to cram a fair bit in to my spare time over the last four years. I’ve been adventure racing, I’ve cycled 1600km from Canberra to Brisbane, I’m an Ironman and I’ve represented Australia at the Xterra World Championships in Maui. Now I’ve chosen to focus on the one thing that I’ve enjoyed the most; mountain biking. So this year I’ll be stepping out with my endurance legs for some XCM races throughout Australia.

What is your favorite thing to do in SHREDLY that is not on two wheels?
I love wearing SHREDLY pretty much any time I’m not working…at the beach, SUP, golf or just hanging out.

How many days a year do you think you wear your Shredly?
If I was allowed to wear shorts to work, definitely 365! But I can’t, so I’d say probably 150 days a year and counting.

What is your favorite pattern?
The new JOY…so much colour!

What is your all-time favourite trail to ride?
Rotorua, New Zealand. Too many great trails there to choose just one.

What is your day job?
Project Manager (commercial construction) at Manteena Pty Ltd.

What is your dream job?
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner; to help others find their taste for health.

What do you think the secret to happiness is?
Happiness is a way of life.  Live the life you love.


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