Leslie Oley

Leslie Oley

Palo Alto, California

My name is Leslie, I live outside of San Francisco, and I love bikes. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and spent most of my childhood playing soccer, running, and being a science nerd. It wasn’t till I moved to Northern California for grad school and took my first road bike ride in the foothills that I fell in love with cycling. Since then my bike collection has expanded – with a special spot in my heart for bikes with knobby wheels. I love competing in XC and enduro mountain bike races just as much as I love going out for a weekend ride with friends on the some of our awesome local trails. I’m currently also an Ambassador for Juliana-SRAM and am really passionate about introducing other women to the confidence, adventure, and freedom that comes with taking off into the woods on two wheels. I’m stoked to be representing SHREDLY because they make awesome products that never fail to get compliments on the trail or in town, which makes biking that much more fun. Who would have thought that was possible? 🙂

What is your favorite thing to do in SHREDLY that is not on two wheels?
Fire up a BBQ after a ride with friends! I love that I feel as comfortable in my SHREDLYs off the bike as I do ripping around on the trails.

How many days a year do you think you wear your SHREDLY?
Judging by how often they are in the laundry – the majority of them! I probably wear them more than any other piece of clothing other than my favorite jeans. They are my go-to ride clothing, but I also sport them on hikes, trail runs, and kayaking.

What is your favorite pattern?
If I have to pick just one, it’s the JTR. I’m a sucker for a good geometric pattern.

What is your all-time favorite trail to ride?
Downieville, CA is my happy place. It’s an amazing mix of challenging technical sections and flowy bliss that always leaves me with the biggest smile plastered on my face. You ride from the gorgeous Sierra Buttes back down into this wonderful small-town vibe. Plus, no trip is complete without a dip in the Yuba River.

What is your day job?
I’m a biomechanical engineer and I work in medical device development. I’ve been fortunate to help develop innovative technologies ranging form artificial hearts, to sleep apnea therapies, to treatments for heart arrhythmias. It’s really motivating to know that your day-to-day work at the office can benefit a lot of people.

What is your dream job?
Hmmm, so hard to choose. I went on an amazing bike-packing adventure in the Patagonian Andes a few years a back. We rode up to a series of Refugios (huts) that were nestled among glaciers, high up along the spine of the Andes Mountains. Several hut keepers live onsite and run the Refugios – helping to guide day trips, cook meals, relay the regional history, and visit with all of the interesting people who ended up in this magical place together. When I find myself daydreaming about the perfect job, I am most often perched high up in the Andes as a Refugio hut keeper.

What do you think the secret to happiness is?
This one is easy – Health, copious amounts of time in the outdoors, holding true to yourself, sneaking in doses of fresh mountain air, approaching life (even the small things) as an adventure, and laughing with people you love. And pie.


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