Our women’s MTB and multi-sport collection was put to the test in Mexico, where we enjoyed dreamy rides that started from the cobblestone streets of town, up into the hills overlooking the ocean, and finished on the sun-drenched beach. We got pummeled by waves and gave surfing our best shot, decompressed with yoga on the beach, and savored all the amazing international cuisine the little town of Sayulita had to offer. Not to be forgotten was a side trip up to the magical pueblo of San Sebastián del Oeste. The 400-year old mining town, tucked deep into the Sierra Madres, featured some rowdy, chunky riding served up by our local guide who missed an afternoon of school (with mom’s permission) to show us the trails. Our #shredlyadventures south of the boarder did not disappoint! Come explore #SHREDulita with us…

“With mountain biking, surfing, and yoga, Sayulita was the perfect place to have an amazing time with friends.”



Where do you live: Denver, CO
Trip highlight: San Sebastian – the small, authentic town was so romantic and colorful. Plus the riding was top notch, challenging, and grin-inducing fun.
Funniest trip memory: Taming the wild inflatable animals on the ocean waves.
Favorite food or drink: The avocado toast and smoothie bowls from the most delightful little coffee spot in Sayulita – The Anchor.
Travel tip: Carry wet wipes but most importantly submerge yourself in the culture – step out of your comfort zone, try new food, meet new people, do interesting activities.
Favorite SHREDLY piece on the trip: the BIKER TANK! The material kept me dry and the fit is loose but flattering. It is still a staple on all my rides and my daily wear!


Where do you live: Lakewood, CO
Trip highlight: Meeting and riding with rad local #ladyshredder Sofia Perez. We had heard she doesn’t get to ride with many women and it was so fun to ride with her.
Funniest moment: Laughing hysterically as we were chased by little dogs down the streets of San Sabastian. Caroline and Lo screamed for their lives but the dog was just trying to say “hola.”
Favorite food or drink: I loved the 80 cent Coronas. I’m cheap.
Travel tip: Don’t forget to pack medication for stomach viruses!
Favorite SHREDLY piece on the trip: Hands down the new RACER TANK. I’ve worn mine non-stop since the trip.


Where do you live: Seattle, WA
Trip highlight: Hanging out with Bombie, the mini puppy, while we geared up at WildMex Adventures for a day of mountain biking through the jungle with great friends and incredible ocean views.
Funniest trip memory: When Ashley just could not say mountain biking like a normal human. When Amy found not one, but, 2 machetes off the side of the mountain bike trail. When Koel just naturally made “friends” with the guy in the Jeep hanging tacos, money bags and a gun out his Jeep window.
Favorite food or drink: Easy. Tajin on pineapple.
Travel tip: Fly Delta, American Airlines, or Alaska. No bike fees! Bring an eye mask for sleeping. Good adventures need good sleep.
Favorite SHREDLY piece on the trip: Everyday: the DANII ⅞ LEGGINGS. I love how lightweight and comfy they are. A great layer for post activity. Riding: The LISA MULTI SPORT SHORT. The bright colors and palm-like leaves felt so right in Mexico.


Where do you live: San Diego, CA
Trip highlight: When we made a human centipede on the beach using our 2-person yoga skills from that morning.
Funniest moment: When I thought I could surf any inflatable animal you threw my way. Shark, check. Stingray, check. Flo the Flamingo?Knocked me unconscious for a millisecond. Caroline, thanks for coming to my rescue while everyone else was laughing too hard to notice I needed help.
Favorite food or drink: Tequila and pesto bismol.
Travel tip: Sure, you don’t want to get sick, sure, you don’t want to take a spill, sure, you don’t want to keep going when you are hot and sweaty and sick, but you don’t HAVE TO listen to your thoughts, even if you are violently ill. Remember you only YOLO once.
Favorite SHREDLY piece on the trip: I loved the dino everything! Every time I wear my dino leggings, I have to plan for an extra 15 min if the activity involves other people, because they are always coming up to me to ask about my leggings. I also have the dino tank and the WHEELIE TANK and I love them so much! I work from home, so they are my work out gear, my work gear, and my pajamas. (Oops). Only some days. Other days I change my clothes and shower and other adult things.


Where do you live: New York, New York
Trip highlight: Getting to ride trails through the jungle with local guides who helped to build them.
Funniest trip memory: There were giant iguanas all over Sayulita. One really large one was spotted in a tree across from our villa and he really put on a show for us, bobbing his head up and down and around and making a lot of noise! We cheered him on and it seemed to only make him act more flamboyant!
Favorite food or drink: The burritos wrapped in grilled cheese instead of tortilla at El Itacate & the green smoothies at Orangy Smoothies.
Travel tip: Definitely seek out and hire local guides to help you plan your activities! They know the best posts, can help you make the most of your time, and you’re supporting the folks who make your destination a great place year round.
Favorite SHREDLY piece on the trip: The ATHLETIC SHORT. So versatile and great for the beach, for walking around town or a run, and a large enough pocket that you can actually put something in there (like a phone or wallet) besides a key!


Where do you live: Denver, CO
Trip highlight: Wandering around beautiful Sayulita, getting lost and relying on locals to help us find our way, and swimming in the “secret beach” which was an adventure of its own to find! Oh, also dancing with the 18 year old girls from Guadalupe who taught us to move our hips.
Funniest trip memory: Everything Lo did… and Caroline wearing the troll mask during our latina dance party.
Favorite food or drink: My favorite drink was mescal that I had with a side of roasted CRICKETS! The street tacos were AMAZING!
Travel tip: Find a group of girls to travel with who have a variety of energy levels and personalities. The mix that we had in Sayulita provided the perfect mix of relaxed beach vibes and wild dance parties!
Favorite SHREDLY piece on the trip: The new ATHLETIC SHORTS! I loved how versatile they were. I’ve since worn them on a fishing trip in South Carolina and on hikes in Colorado. They dry fast, are breezy, and make my legs and butt look GREAT!


Where do you live: Seattle, WA
Trip highlight: Having friends from different stages of my life (including childhood) meet, have an amazing time, then leave as one big group of great friends. Starting our rides on the cobblestone streets in town, climbing up into the hills while you could hear the waves crashing below, then ending on the beach. More of that please!
Funniest trip memory: Laughing so hard I cried, not once, but twice, when seeing Amy’s face in the pictures of us getting surprised by some waves.
Favorite food or drink: The beautifully decorated cake the pastelero in San Sebastian made for Lo on her birthday, thanks to our local friend Sofia!
Travel tip: Eat at a different place every day, even if you think you’ve found the best spot! Learn as many phrases of the local language as you can, then the talk to the locals every chance you get to learn about the people from the place you are visiting.
Favorite SHREDLY piece on the trip: The CROPPED LEGGING! I loved the colorful prints, especially in Mexico, and having side pockets while cruising around town was KEY!


Where do you live: Jackson, WY
Trip highlight: Releasing the baby sea turtles! It was dream come true for me.
Funniest trip memory: Watching Leslie try to master the inflatable stingray and getting pummeled by the waves. Haha.
Favorite food or drink: The Baja Fog. Mostly because it was the staple drink this trip.
Travel tip: Surround yourself with fun people. I didn’t know anyone (except Ashley) before joining this group and it was an incredibly fun experience thanks to the rad group of girls who made it that way. It’s nice to be in the company of like-minded people when navigating a new place together.
Favorite SHREDLY piece on the trip: The ATHLETIC SHORT was perfect for a beach trip like this. They’re very versatile – we could literally wear them everywhere – playing at the beach, walking through town or to a casual dinner, you never had to take them off.


Where do you live: Denver, CO
Trip highlight: Getting quality time with a bunch of rad, inspiring females. Also loved beach time and dancing with the gals! And Caroline busting out the troll mask was up there…
Funniest trip memory: Full send both ends…for everyone but me! For once I was the only one that did not get violently sunburned or sick.
Favorite food or drink: I enjoyed Ashley’s homemade gauc! I don’t discriminate against drinks but I quite liked the aquavit shots that we took with that Swedish couple we befriended.
Travel tip: Splurge and stay a week longer!
Favorite SHREDLY piece on the trip: I LOVED the ATHLETIC SHORTS and HONEYCOMB TEE.


Where do you live: Boulder, CO
Trip highlight: Wow, so many. From getting a round of shots from the local burrito shop owner come arms dealer, to lounging on the beach chatting it up with new friends and old, and definitely finishing a bike ride at the beach, pretty magical!
Funniest trip memory: Ashley gunning our rental van up the big ass hill; the random turkey doing his full display of feathery to prevent me from entering the house; questionable x rated photo taking after questionable amounts of tequila 😲
Favorite food or drink: The fried cheese that doubled as a tortilla for all the delicious fillings. Tasty AF!
Travel tip: Always be curious and try something new!
Favorite SHREDLY piece on the trip: The TINA CROPPED LEGGING. Loved the versatility and oh so comfy!


Where do you live: Denver, CO
Trip highlight: Riding in San Sebastian – with all of its picturesque history along the cobblestone streets and inside the amazingly beautiful church.
Funniest trip memory: Ummm, that’s a tough one because the entire trip was full of laughs!
Favorite food or drink: The avocado toast and morning drinks with smoking garnishes.
Travel tip: Snag some beautiful artwork from a local artist! I love my painted cow head.
Favorite SHREDLY piece on the trip: the BIKER TANK! I love it so some much!


Where do you live: Denver, CO
Trip highlight: #FullSendBothEnds, the riding right from town, and the machettes stashed in the woods for trail maintenance.
Funniest trip memory: Yo no sé…too many margaritas?
Favorite food or drink: Cheese shell burritos and all the margaritas
Travel tip: Bring lots of pepto!
Favorite SHREDLY piece on the trip: The CROPPED LEGGING and the CURVY SHORT!

“We arrived as mixed group of  friends of friends, and left one big group of GREAT friends.”


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