#SHREDulita Part 4

#SHREDulita Part 4
September 6, 2019 Ashley Rankin
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group of girls riding on cobblestone

#SHREDulita Part 4

When you get the chance to explore a historic town in the Sierra Madres with old mining trails turned mtb trails…you go! After immersing ourselves in the Sayulita riding-beach-yoga-surf-cuisine, taking a little side trip for some mountainous, steep riding was the perfect way to round out #SHREDulita.

Caravanning with our new riding friends from Sayulita, we wound our way from the beach up into the Sierra Madres, passing picturesque ranching towns along the way. The experience was fully authenticated by the stop for lunch at a quaint hacienda that served us fresh, homemade tortillas right from the stone oven to accompany their delicious, saucy dishes.

San Sebastián del Oeste welcomed us with cobblestone streets separating  the uniformly white and red painted buildings with terra-cotta roofs. The occasional full brick wall reminded us of the 400-year-old town’s true age. All streets led to the colorfully decorated gazebo in the town’s square, neighboring the church, unsuspecting from the outside. Inside we found a true work of art, immaculately decorated and overflowing with locally grown lilies on every flat surface. The fragrance was a religious experience on its own and could be smelled outside the church.

The town was so quiet, so peaceful. It was almost fitting that the trails to follow were anything but quiet and we were anything but peaceful ripping down them. Yet, the real adventure began when our shuttle driver, wearing a cowboy hat and boots, rallied our 12 passenger van up an old mining road with some questionable hairpin turns that we should not have successfully navigated. The steep, chundery trails covered with pine cones as big as a footballs and needles to match, rivaled the rowdy trip up. We could see glimpses of San Sebastian on some of the tight corners overlooking the valley below, teasing us to look off-trail for just a second. Finishing the ride in a sun-drenched meadow to collect our crew provided the perfect interlude before heading back into the peaceful town. Luckly the adventure didn’t end there. After a cold drink we set out over the river and through the woods to meet our shuttle driver at a farmhouse where we would enjoy some well earned drinks and delicious home cooked grub.

Big thanks goes out to Edgar and Sofia from Sayulita for accompanying us and local ripper, Uriel, who took the day off school to show us around (and thanks to his mom for letting him do so)! And if you read earlier in the series, continued thanks to Javier at WildMex for all he’s doing to grow the sport of mountain biking in Mexico, making trips like ours possible.

#SHREDulita was certainly a trip for the books. Exploring the world by bike, making new friends along the way, and learning firsthand that the bike community has no borders makes this sport that we love even that much better.


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