SHREDLY + Camber Outdoors

SHREDLY + Camber Outdoors
June 10, 2019 Shredly
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We teamed up with Camber Outdoors to bring you a custom ATHLETIC SHORT that symbolizes our partnership in supporting and accelerating workplace equity in the active-outdoors industry – from the boardroom to the backcountry – driven by a passion for being outside.

A portion of the proceeds from the short will be donated to Camber Outdoors to support their #EveryonesOutdoors initiative.

We chatted with Olivia Omega, Camber’s Brand Specialist, and Ashley Rankin, our founder, to share more details on SHREDLY’s partnership with Camber Outdoors.

What is Camber Outdoors, we just read the mission but, in a nutshell, what do you do?

Olivia: Camber Outdoors was founded in 1996 and is a national non-profit dedicated to achieving equity for all women and underrepresented communities in the workplace of the active-outdoors industries, through innovative and thought-leading programming and initiatives. Camber Outdoors has over 200 corporate and 7,500 individual members who support workplace equity and “Everyone’s Outdoors”. They also offer an industry-wide job board where people can browse active-outdoors industry careers with companies committed to equity, inclusion, and diversity.


Why is it important for small businesses like SHREDLY to be involved with Camber Outdoors and support their mission?

Olivia: Establishing a company culture that prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion from the beginning helps to ensure that those values continue as the company grows. It’s important for small businesses to support workplace equity in the outdoors because diverse workforces lead to innovative product design, more diverse outdoor participants and a healthy, sustainable industry.


Why did you pick SHREDLY to partner with on this custom project?

Olivia: Camber Outdoors chose to partner with SHREDLY on this particular project because we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion within product development is critical to advancing equity in the outdoors. The intentional design behind every SHREDLY product makes outdoor adventures better for women. And that’s pretty awesome!


What will the funds raised by the custom short and donated to Camber Outdoors be used for?

Olivia: Donations to Camber Outdoors are used to fund our initiatives and programs that advance workplace equity in the active-outdoor industries. They include, but aren’t limited to leadership webinars, Camber Exchange community events, professional mentorship program and industry-wide job board.


Why did you want to partner with Camber Outdoors?

Ashley: As a small but growing company we love their reason for being, benefiting both companies and individuals. It’s very symbiotic to have an organization whose goal is to connect businesses with individuals, peers, mentors and everyone in between in a meaningful way that presents opportunities for passions to turn into professions. Or simply for those looking to discover new passions or get more involved with their community via their existing passions.

What is one of your favorite things that Camber Outdoors offers?

Ashley: Just one?! Well we love their Camber Exchange events (meet-ups hosted throughout the US and Canada that bring together people in the community for thought-provoking conversations and a chance to connect with leaders, entrepreneurs and colleagues in the active-outdoor industries).

We also love their Job Board. Sometimes we browse it for fun. J/K. But they really do offer such an array of resources from job postings, to career advice, webinars, mentorship opportunities etc. the list goes on! Definitely worth browsing their website to see everything they offer!


Why did you pick the mountain print for the short, does it have special meaning?

Ashley: We loved the layered mountain silhouette and thought it embodied the spirit of Camber Outdoors mission with each layer of mountains representing the diverse makeup of #EveryonesOutdoors.

What does #EveryonesOutdoors mean to SHREDLY?

Ashley: Great question. Aside from gender and ethnic diversity how that really resonates with us is representing every kind of woman and those who identify as femme in our product offering. Seeing that there is not just one kind, size or shape of “woman” has been something that we’ve had to work up to as a small company that couldn’t be everything to everyone or offer an endless range of styles and sizes right out of the gate. But, one of the things we have been committed to year after year is offering more inclusive sizing. We started with sizes 0-12 and now we offer sizes 00-24. There is always from for improvement and our sizes is just one example that reflects our stance on Camber’s mission, if you’re open and willing embrace supporting and accelerating equity we can collectively continue to work towards #EveryonesOutdoors.

  • women's athletic shorts, blue mountains
    women's athletic shorts, blue mountains


    , , ,
    This custom pattern was designed for Camber Outdoors to whom a portion of all proceeds will be donated in support of their #EveryonesOutdoors initiative to accelerate equity in the outdoors from the backcountry to the boardroom. Learn more here.
    • Athletic short made with recycled materials
    • Lightweight 4-way stretch fabric
    • Yoga-style waistband offering stable comfort
    • 2-tiered waistband pocket that fits small items & your phone (!)
    • Gusseted crotch for ease of movement and added comfort
    • Flattering booty fit that prevents a droopy, saggy, diaper look
    • Size M has 3.5” inseam


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