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Whether it’s storing your dirty shoes or a creative way to wrap the SHREDLY you just bought for that special someone, we promise you’ll find endless uses for this GEAR SACK!

  • Made from leftover production or sample fabric, because recycling is cool
  • Drawstring closure easily secures your dirty stuff
  • 17 in x 14 in is the perfect size for shoes, helmets, and a weeks worth of dirty undies
  • Machine washable, because dirty shoes and undies
  • Can you pick your pattern? Nope! Why? See description below.

“Waste not” is something we take seriously and our newest project using leftover production material or sample scraps is the GEAR SACK! Keep your mucky gear (dirty shoes, pads, gloves, etc.) from getting all your other stuff dirty by transporting them in a sack. Or keep things like your helmet protected. We especially love these for traveling (as a general shoe bag or a dirty laundry sack). They are machine washable and have an easy draw-string closure. You might also spy some patterns that have never been a SHREDLY short, which means these are one-of-a-kind pieces that will never be made again! With patterns this fun your gear will climb right in.

Why can’t you pick your pattern? All patterns are picked at random because we used every bit of fabric we could find to make these. Which means that we ended up with over 60 patterns! And in some cases only one sack was made from each pattern, so once it’s gone its gone forever! Our website will implode if we create options for over 60 colorways and then we will all be sad. So play along and get your luck of the draw!

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