Greener Giving

Greener Giving
November 18, 2019 Ashley Rankin
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Want some tips on how to be a greener giver this holiday season? This really excites us because it ignites some creative thinking (which leads to more meaningful gift giving) and allows us to ever so slyly spread cleaner habits among our friends and family. Feel extra joyous knowing that you are giving a gift that can keep on giving.

  1. Make a list and share it with your family! If you don’t already, revert back to when we were kids and make a list of the things that you actually need. Imagine how wonderful it would be not to accumulate a stack of things you need to return or exchange, or keep and pretend that you like only when Grandma is visiting?
  2. Give services, gift self-care. How often do you spoil yourself with a massage, a facial, or let’s just get crazy and say a real spa day? If those aren’t your style (or your gift recipients’) think about other kinds of self care that you or your loved one enjoy, maybe a yoga or gym punch card.
  3. Gift quality over quantity. We all need to consume less, so buying items that last longer = good. This might cost more up front (especially for big ticket items) but should save you from replacement costs over time. This also applies to single-use items: our favorites to replace with reusable options include straws, coffee cups, water bottles, grocery and produce bags (and all of these things make for great stocking stuffers)!
  4. Gift an experience. Memories can last a lifetime. So can new skills. We love the idea of gifting a skills clinic, or a race entry. Or even that mtb/climbing/ski trip you’ve been wanting to take forever. Heck nobody said its bad if you benefit from the gift too!
  5. Use your dollars wisely. Support companies working toward better solutions. If you want to know what we’re doing click here!



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